Relaxing White Noise


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Relaxing White Noise

I say that Relaxing White Noise podcast was cool because it’s the only way to help me sleep better and I love it when I listened to this podcast because it is so my favorite one I ever hear it and I love it to enjoy it every night.

My daily dose of OM

Ever since discovering this gem of a podcast, I haven’t gone a single day without it. Each episode creates a unique ambiance that makes working from home more enjoyable, especially when the weather leaves much to be desired. My favorite episodes are the ones featuring birds and creeks. I don’t stray far from that episode, but if I wanted to, I would have endless options.

I love com relaxing sounds

And this sounds perfect for me to fall a sleep to and this sound will be great for Saturday morning and since I don’t have no school on Saturday I get to sleep as long as I want and this sounds can make me sleep longer and then I will fall asleep to this sound and this sound gota be my now favorite sound to sleep to and I love white nose this nose are calm and relaxing and I love this sound think you for making this to proscas you gays are a life saver for making this sound and I can’t sleep at night

Best white noise app out there

i’m a hard person to impress with white noise and ambient sounds, have never been able to sleep in quiet, nor in certain kinds of sounds. i use this app every night to fall asleep and it’s amazing.