Relaxing White Noise


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I use it every night! Thank You!

I used this every night to help me sleep. I like "Rain on Castle with Thunder." I'm a bit annoyed at the complaints about the voice. Just skip her and change your settings to not repeat or play the next podcast. It is completely avoidable.


I use it every night soothe your mind

Love it.

This Podcast saved us when our power went out for the night. All of our kids are fan sleepers so we were scrambling. So nice to have this option as a backup. Thank you to whomever came up with this genius idea for a Podcast!


People were having a super long and constant conversation in the room that shares a wall with mine so I could not fall asleep and I was getting frustrated. I looked for a white noise podcast and found this podcast’s episode for drowning out the noise of loud neighbors and omg it did exactly that. I went from being able to clearly hear their conversation to only being able to hear the white noise. Amazing. I drifted into a blissful slumber.

Top Sleep - Top Pod!

I have the world's worst insomnia and anxiety, and go into a spiral of ‘what am I doing with my life?' most evenings. I started listening to this podcast to try and get some peace and at least 6 hours a night? It's been a god send so far! I can't deal with the sound of cats purring, but the ocean episodes are great. I love thunderstorms. And if I could request more forest/jungle sounds - those are excellent, too. Keep sending me to sleep guys! Thank you. Katy, Sleep Cove.

My Favorite Podcast

Honestly. This podcast has been life changing for me with regard to not just sleep but also calming road rage and general frustration. They advertise “soothe a baby” on the logo; but I am a grown man, and it has helped me across many avenues of my life. The various airplane and fan sounds in particular seem to have a wonderful “neutralizing” effect on the din around me most of the time without denigrating my awareness of my surroundings. Thank you to the creative and editorial team who makes this free show possible.

Star Power

I absolutely love the ladies beautiful voice in the intro. Whatever you do PLEASE DONT EVER CHANGE IT. In fact, if possible please bring her in a lot more often throughout the podcast. Thank you.

Complaints are unessecarry. ❤️

Look, the woman isn’t that bad, and new deal, IT’S FREE TO SKIP. People complain about her, but you can add a sleep timer, if you want just the one episode. If it’s too short, just try something else, it’s free. Look, your complaining, on things that are on YOU. This podcast is very good, and deserves more support ❤️

Travel necessity

This is my go-to when I’m traveling. I have a hard time relaxing away from my own bed and this podcast has helped so much! I like to skip the intro and set the sleep timer to stop when the episode is over. No problems at all and so dang soothing.

Star power

I absolutely love the ladies beautiful voice in the intro. Whatever you do PLEASE DONT EVER CHANGE IT. In fact, if possible please bring her in a lot more often throughout the podcast. Thanks.

20+ years of struggle

i have struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep for as long as i can remember. i have tried everything for the last 20 years. sleep meds, meditation, no blue light, unwind time, tv, music, breathing, exercise and diet. nothing ever seemed to work. i could go for 3 straight days as a kid with no sleep. as an adult it makes me physically ill to go that long. my body just shuts down. my sister is an AVID murder podcast listener and started looking around for sleep podcast. she sent me this podcast and told me just to try sounds. it took me about a month to find the ones that put me out and keep me down. it’s been almost 6 months since she sent me the link. in the last 3 months i have slept all night long. i’m now averaging 7 hours instead of a broken up 5 hours at best. i am forever thankful and grateful for this podcast. thank you for helping me to get some actually regenerative sleep!

Skip the intro & perfection

Love airplane, white noise, fan, a/c sounds.

Just skip past the intro?

People give this pod a bad rating due to the intro. It’s free to skip it, bro. So many options in the feed for great sounds to sleep to. Love airplane and air conditioner.

It works for me....

This podcast has become essential for me to sleep a full 8 hours. I had my doubts at first, but now...I'm a true believer. There is about 2 minutes of introduction at the very beginning of the program. And sleepy people do get grumpy. However I try to keep in mind that it's the advertisers that keep the lights on and the show free for everyone to use. Ain't no big thang.....


when I got Covid and couldn’t sleep, this was the first thing that put me down.

Absolutely love this

I fell asleep within twenty minutes and I wasn’t even tired


The lady is so classic honestly, podcast is great

Thank you

I’ve had sleep anxiety for years. Two months ago I started using this podcast nightly and it has absolutely improved my ability to sleep and stay asleep. I use my earbuds for ultimate surround sound. My favorite are the episodes mixing rain with ocean waves or thunder and lightning. Thank you to the amazing person who puts this free podcast out there for people like me.

Great for Grandbaby

My grandbaby sleeps soundly when I play this podcast for him. He is able to ignore any noise that I might accidentally make while he’s napping. Love it! Thank you!

Just What I Needed

I work from home and needed some white noise to drown out the background sounds while I’m focusing on my work… we all live in a small condo, so the noise travels easily. This has helped so much! Thank you!!!


I love to sleep so this is perfect for me the soothing sound calms my body and mind down from a long day so hope you too enjoy the soothing of nature and more enjoy sleeping😴😴

Relaxing White Noise

I say that Relaxing White Noise podcast was cool because it’s the only way to help me sleep better and I love it when I listened to this podcast because it is so my favorite one I ever hear it and I love it to enjoy it every night.

My daily dose of OM

Ever since discovering this gem of a podcast, I haven’t gone a single day without it. Each episode creates a unique ambiance that makes working from home more enjoyable, especially when the weather leaves much to be desired. My favorite episodes are the ones featuring birds and creeks. I don’t stray far from that episode, but if I wanted to, I would have endless options.

I love com relaxing sounds

And this sounds perfect for me to fall a sleep to and this sound will be great for Saturday morning and since I don’t have no school on Saturday I get to sleep as long as I want and this sounds can make me sleep longer and then I will fall asleep to this sound and this sound gota be my now favorite sound to sleep to and I love white nose this nose are calm and relaxing and I love this sound think you for making this to proscas you gays are a life saver for making this sound and I can’t sleep at night

Best white noise app out there

i’m a hard person to impress with white noise and ambient sounds, have never been able to sleep in quiet, nor in certain kinds of sounds. i use this app every night to fall asleep and it’s amazing.