Oct. 7, 2021

Soothing Starship Ambience White Noise 8 Hours | Spaceship Sounds for Sleeping or Studying

Soothing Starship Ambience White Noise 8 Hours | Spaceship Sounds for Sleeping or Studying

Alright, I awoke from 270 years of cryo-stasis aboard a sub-light colony ship to find that technology had passed me by in the meantime. The galaxy is now teeming with spiffy little starliners, zipping around to all kinds of swanky space resorts. Excited to see this whole new universe for myself, I pooled 270 years of savings interest and booked passage aboard a swanky Gamma Class corvette. Sitting and enjoying a meal of rare Cygnus-style steak and sipping vintage Ganymede wine, I ponder the meaning of life, the universe, and... how does one really fold a fitted bed sheet?

The ship's drive core prepares to engage and the stars swirl around us as we begin our voyage. I'm bound for the moons of Helios VI, where the space beaches stretch for 10,000 kilometers, and you can view the hyperspeed races from atop a palladium spire built from recycled suns.

I don't know if it's the delicious meal or the deep white noise rumble of the engines, but I'm being lulled into a blissful slumber.

Sleep well, and dream big! Or at least don't let the space bugs bite ;)

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At Relaxing White Noise, our goal is to help you sleep well. This episode is eight hours long with no advertisements in the middle, so you can use it as a sleeping sound throughout the night. Listening to our white noise sounds via the podcast gives you the freedom to lock your phone at night, keeping your bedroom dark as you fall asleep. It also allows you to switch between apps while studying or working with no interruption in the ambient sound.

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When you’re in the mood for some cosmic white noise or spaceship sounds, Relaxing White Noise’s sci-fi podcasts will do the trick. Enjoy some space sounds to help you study, focus or sleep. Safe travels around the galaxy!

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